Posted by: jhickey50 | September 28, 2010

Continuing the Tradition

A new school year has recently begun at DePaul University and with that so has a new Explore Chicago class. This year Explore Chicago: The Tutor/Mentoring Connection will be continuing the research begun by last year’s class by learning about organizations who provide tutor/mentoring services for children throughout the city. The class is divided into 6 groups, each focusing on a separate area of the city. Our focus for this year will be discovering the financial needs of these organizations: how are they funded? How much of their funding is from donors? How have their financial needs changed? What has been the impact of their funding on their programs? The students will complete their project in mid-November when, based on their research and analysis, they will discuss the future funding needs of these organizations and what will be the impact if those funding needs are not met. In the meantime, you can follow the students’ progress by reading their weekly blog posts.



  1. Janet and students – your introductory blogs are great and I love the graphic created by Far South Side. As you post your stories I will share them on Twitter and on the articles section of

    I encourage you to innovate ways to build readership via Facebook, Twitter or what ever social media you all use. Track the web traffic and see how your own power to change the world grows as you learn and write.

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